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The foundation, with its dedicated water activists, has an ambitious goal:Within the next decade, we aim to provide access to clean drinking water and sanitation facilities for 100 million people.

Our motivation lies not in pursuing profit for individual large companies but in promoting fair treatment of this vital resource and the social responsibility we carry. Our primary concern is to raise awareness of the water issue and firmly embed it in the hearts and minds of people. Under the motto #DrinkWaterGiveWater, we aim to inspire reconsideration and change in personal water consumption.


The Water Is Right Foundation is deeply grateful for the tireless support and commitment of its prominent supporters, whose influence and reach are invaluable for spreading the foundation’s mission. These individuals utilize their platforms to raise awareness, mobilize essential resources, and convey the urgent message of the water crisis to a wide audience. Their efforts significantly contribute to sharpening global awareness of the importance of access to clean water. Their active involvement is a vital fuel for the continuation of our work.

Achieving more together

#DrinkWaterGiveWater Pursues an innovative approach to ensure that clean drinking water is globally accessible for all. For every liter of water sold in WIR water dispensers installed by partner companies or in clubs, bars, restaurants, or hotels, we provide ten liters of clean drinking water.

At places where access is not a given. Numerous partners of Water Is Right already support us and have responded to our invitation.

A vivid example of this partnership initiative is the Cervo Hotel in Zermatt. For every liter of purified tap water sold, this top-notch Swiss hotel donates 1 franc to our foundation. Together, we can bring about positive change.

Join #DrinkWaterGiveWater and contribute to making clean drinking water accessible to all people worldwide.

Together, we shape a better future!

Your donation helps provide people with access to clean water

Now support the valuable projects and become part of our mission!
Every support helps to provide access to clean drinking water and sanitation facilities for affected people and regions.