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Helping with every sip: Our WIR partnership

Every time your team drinks a liter of water, we donate 10 liters to needy regions. But it’s not just about giving. As an official WIR partner, your company benefits from an enhanced image, positive customer feedback, and a deep connection to a global social cause. Watch our video to see how you can enrich not only the lives of your team but also those of many people worldwide.

Why WIR? Three convincing advantages at a glance.

Do good

You are making a measurable contribution to improving the living conditions of many people. For every liter your team drinks, we donate 10 liters of water to needy regions. Show social responsibility and make a real difference – drop by drop.

Strengthen image

By partnering with WIR, you not only demonstrate social responsibility but also elevate your company’s profile. Customers and stakeholders will recognize and appreciate your commitment.


Motivating employees

A healthy team is a productive team. Encourage your employees to drink more and do good at the same time. This not only enhances well-being but also fosters a sense of community and satisfaction in the workplace.

Discover our water dispensers

Our water dispensers not only represent social responsibility but also embody top quality in terms of sustainability and technology. Manufactured in Europe under strict environmental and quality standards, they reliably provide you with fresh, filtered drinking water. And the best part: Each of our devices offers you, at the push of a button, both refreshing sparkling water and chilled water.

Make a statement for sustainability and social responsibility in your company and become part of a movement that realizes the right to clean water for all!

Your Water Is Right seal

As a recognized partner of ‘Water Is Right,’ you not only receive our official seal, which underscores your commitment to clean water and social responsibility but also exclusive marketing materials. With these materials, you can transparently and authentically communicate your commitment to your customers, employees, and stakeholders.

Transparency in every drop: where your contribution flows.

At “Water Is Right,” we place great importance on ensuring that our partners know exactly how their contributions are used. Our supported water projects are conducted with the highest transparency, and as a partner, we keep you updated at all times. This way, you can not only see but also feel the real difference your commitment is making. Together, we make the journey of water from the source to the consumer visible and positively impact lives.