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WIR water dispenser

The water dispenser that does good!

Refreshment with added value: Made in Europe under strict quality standards, it not only provides refreshing, chilled water and sparkling water at the touch of a button but also represents a conscious commitment to our environment. Thanks to advanced filter technology, you always enjoy the purest water while simultaneously making a valuable contribution to global water projects.

For every liter of water you drink, 10 liters are automatically donated to needy regions.

Get to know our project:

Dive into our vision – watch our short video and be inspired!

Drink with a mission: More energy, more impact.

Through your contribution to the ‘Water Is Right’ initiative, your employees are proud and motivated to use the water dispenser more regularly. This increased fluid intake not only enhances their well-being but also improves their performance and concentration in their everyday work. Every glass of water is a sign of their commitment and increased vitality.

Why WIR? Ten good reasons:


Good cause

With every liter of water consumed, we fund 10 liters of water where it is needed


CO2 reduction

No transportation, no storage of beverage crates, significantly less waste, and measurable reduction of CO2


Sustainable production

All devices are manufactured on-site in Europe and do not travel from the 'Far East' around the world


WIR Partner Seal

By using the dispenser, you simultaneously become an official Water Is Right partner


Maximum purity

Reduction of total organic carbon, 99.9% of bacteria, asbestos fibers, cysts, removal of chlorine, odor, and taste compounds


Top maintenance

Maintenance intervals recommended by employers' liability insurance associations, which are rarely offered by suppliers


Online overview

See online the water consumption, the bottles saved, CO₂ savings, the next maintenance and much more.


Healthy consumption

Sustainable water consumption, chilled water at all times and consumers drinking more water and fewer sweetened drinks


Simple installation

With just 1-2 sockets and a simple water connection, your water dispenser is quickly ready for use and provides you with fresh water immediately


Motivated employees

Constant access to fresh water shows appreciation for their health and motivates them in their day-to-day work

WIR-Partnership included

By choosing our water dispenser, you go beyond mere water supply. You automatically become an official Water Is Right partner, linking your commitment to sustainable action and setting an example for responsible water resource management. Your contribution makes a difference!

The water dispenser of the future

Discover the technological excellence of our water dispenser, which not only ensures pure water but also prioritizes sustainability and user-friendliness.

Best water quality thanks to state-of-the-art filter technology

Minimal consumption thanks to energy-saving operation

Intuitive operation thanks to simple interface

Resource overview through Smart Tracking functions

Different models for every application

Special industry solutions

Gastronomy & hotel industry

Premium water for your guests: Sustainable values for your business. Become an industry leader in social responsibility.

Concerts & tour solutions

Put not only hydration but also social engagement in the spotlight. Offer crew and artists an unforgettable experience.

Public facilities

Strengthen your community image through commitment to clean water. Make a statement, locally and globally.