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Mission and Vision

WIR has enabled 5 million people to access clean drinking water

We have enabled 100 million people to access clean drinking water

The global water issue is almost solved

Our mission:
fulfilling a human right

Water is a fundamental human right that remains out of reach for over two billion people worldwide. The Water Is Right Foundation, led by the dedicated singer and water activist Rolf Stahlhofen, is committed to combating this global injustice. With the belief that water should not be taken for granted but valued as the precious commodity it is, the foundation tirelessly works to provide clean drinking water and sanitation facilities to those who lack access. Their ambitious mission is to enable 100 million people access to these vital resources in the next ten years.

"If I can make a difference on a small scale, together WE can change the world of water, distribute drinking water more fairly, and make it accessible to all."

– Rolf Stahlhofen

Our vision:
Global awareness-building and concrete actions

Through initiatives like the ‘Drink Water Give Water’ campaign, Water Is Right strives to create global awareness about the importance and scarcity of clean water. Rolf Stahlhofen emphasizes that each individual can contribute by making simple changes such as drinking tap water and becoming aware of the preciousness of water. The foundation has already made significant progress by launching more than 13 water projects in over ten countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, helping over 5 million people – and it aims to further increase this number.

Together for a sustainable future

However, the core of Water Is Right’s work is not only providing water but also promoting sustainable development in affected communities. This is achieved by training local experts in water management techniques, implementing innovative and sustainable water treatment technologies, and fostering global as well as local partnerships for long-term solutions. The foundation appeals to the daily consciousness of each individual: With every interaction with water, one should remember the many people who have to do without this essential component daily and consider how to contribute to the solution.

Your donation helps provide people with access to clean water

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