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Hospitality and Hotel Management

Gastronomy in transition: drinking for a good cause

Make a bold statement in the hospitality industry: Support Water Is Right and save on your operating costs at the same time. Quality is essential in hospitality, not only in food but also in beverages. Purified tap water is not only a cost-effective but also a sustainable choice.

The best part? With every carafe of purified water from a WIR dispenser, you not only support the environment but also valuable water projects. Decide for yourself how much you want to donate per liter – whether it’s 1 cent, 5 cents, or even 1 euro. Your contribution makes a difference.

The proven concept of the Cervo Hotel in Zermatt shows: Together, we can make a big impact. Join us!

Advantages for the catering industry

Cost efficiency

By using WIR water dispensers, you not only reduce the need for expensive bottled water but also effectively lower your operating costs and increase profits.

Environmentally conscious action

Minimize the consumption of plastic bottles, reduce your carbon footprint, and promote sustainable practices in your hospitality business.

Social commitment

With every liter sold, you directly support the Water Is Right Foundation. Show your guests that your business is making a positive contribution to the global water supply

Optimize your water supply!

Schedule a consultation now and find out how WIR water dispensers can revolutionize your hospitality business.

Our gastro water dispensers

A professional Water Is Right Gastro water dispenser is not only technologically advanced but also tailored to the specific requirements of the hospitality industry. Thanks to state-of-the-art filtration technology, it guarantees fresh, pure, and excellently tasting water at all times. In addition, an efficient cooling system ensures that cool water is always available even during high demand.

However, the benefits are not limited to technology alone. A partnership with Water Is Right also offers flexibility for restaurateurs. You have the option to engage with or without our special water dispenser. Regardless of your decision, supporting our important mission is always at the forefront: making clean water accessible to all. With every glass served, you not only contribute to an excellent taste experience for your guests but also to a better and more sustainable water future for people worldwide. Explore the possibilities and become a part of this significant movement!