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About Us

Our Mission

The Water Is Right Foundation is passionately committed to enhancing local water resources and advocating for a fairer distribution of this vital resource. With innovative water treatment solutions in regions deprived of clean drinking water, the foundation ensures that water is sustainably and responsibly treated and provided locally, without unnecessary transportation or plastic consumption.

In alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the organization promotes community autonomy through the training of professionals in water management techniques to achieve improved hygiene standards. Furthermore, the foundation organizes “City CleanUps” in collaboration with schools, local communities, as well as cultural and corporate events to raise awareness about environmental conservation.

Taking it a step further, the foundation provides consultancy services to institutions, businesses, as well as urban and municipal authorities on water issues. Through collaboration with powerful technology partners, it develops customized, long-term water solutions aimed at expanding access to clean water and promoting sustainable use of water resources.

Engagement and Action: Global Projects

Through over 24 life-changing projects worldwide, Water Is Right creates practical solutions for the water crisis. Our direct efforts have measurable impacts on millions of people.

Founder with a Vision: Rolf Stahlhofen

Rolf Stahlhofen, the founder of Water Is Right, drives the mission to improve global access to clean water through his experiences and dedication. His platform serves to raise awareness about this critical issue.

Collaboration and Partnerships: Stronger Together

The foundation relies on the power of collaboration, bringing together various stakeholders for innovative solutions and promoting understanding of the importance of water management.

Education and Awareness: Pillars of Sustainability

Through education, Water Is Right aims to promote sustainable change. From workshops to global campaigns, awareness is raised to encourage everyone to participate in solving the water crisis.

#DrinkWaterGiveWater pursues an innovative approach to ensure that clean drinking water is available worldwide for everyone. For every liter of water sold in installed WIR water dispensers by partner companies or in clubs, bars, restaurants, or hotels, we provide ten liters of clean drinking water. In places where access is not taken for granted.

That's WIR

Behind every successful project and initiative of Water Is Right is a group of dedicated individuals who tirelessly work to make our vision of global access to clean water a reality. Learn more about the people who make the crucial difference with their daily efforts.

Impact measurement

Impact measurement is key to sustainable change and an essential part of Water Is Right’s work. As a foundation passionately committed to providing access to clean drinking water and sanitation facilities worldwide, we understand that simply providing resources is not enough. We must ensure that our efforts actually achieve the expected results and improve people’s living conditions sustainably.

For us, impact measurement means precisely quantifying and documenting the changes we bring about in the project areas. Water Is Right is committed to continuously assessing the impacts of our projects to ensure that our efforts are effective and efficient. Key indicators for measuring the impact of our work may vary from project to project: from the number of people we reach, the time saved to access the new water source, the reduction in diseases, to the improvement of access to education and economic opportunities.

Through impact measurement, we can not only optimize our strategies but also inform our supporters and partners about how their contributions are changing the world for the better. Therefore, impact measurement is central to Water Is Right to ensure that clean drinking water and sanitation facilities become a reality for everyone and improve people’s quality of life sustainably.

Your donation helps provide people with access to clean water

Support our valuable projects now and become part of our mission! Every contribution helps to provide access to clean drinking water and sanitation facilities for affected people and regions.