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Why did the Water Is Right Foundation establish a gGmbH?

The Water Is Right Foundation has a bold vision: in the next 10 years, we aim to provide clean drinking water and sanitation facilities to 100 million people.

In addition to the projects we undertake ourselves, we will expand our collaboration with other non-profit organizations, the WHO, companies, governments, and individuals even more extensively than before. Our goal is to persuade these partners to support us in achieving our goal or to become active themselves in the area of Clean Water and Sanitation (SDG 6).

We call this ADVOCACY!
We can only implement both the projects and the ADVOCACY topic to the planned extent if we sustain the foundation with the necessary financial resources. NGOs that finance themselves solely based on donations and other classic fundraising activities usually lack good planning security and have only limited growth opportunities.

Accordingly, there are multifaceted reasons why the Water Is Right Foundation has established a gGmbH – the WIR-Water Is Right gGmbH and will support the work of the foundation with a business case.

The foundation is the sole shareholder of the gGmbH. All profits generated flow to the foundation.


An overview:

  1. Long-term financing: The Water Is Right Foundation requires long-term financial support to implement its goals and projects over the long run. The business case – water vending machines, supporter packages, lectures, concerts – enables ensuring the financial sustainability of the foundation and long-term financing.



  2. Reliability and predictability: Through the business case, the Water Is Right Foundation can better plan and manage its financial resources. This allows for reliable and continuous support of projects and programs without the foundation being affected by short-term financing gaps.



  3. Efficient resource utilization: The business case helps to efficiently allocate the financial resources of a foundation. Through clear financial planning and prioritization of projects, the foundation can ensure that its funds are optimally utilized and the desired results are achieved.



  4. Attractiveness to donors and supporters: Our business case aims to convince our donors and supporters that their financial support is used sustainably, effectively, and transparently. This is intended to help unlock new financial resources and strengthen the reputation and effectiveness of the Water Is Right Foundation.



  5. Long-term impact: Sustainable financial support through the gGmbH enables our foundation to plan long-term and maximize our impact. Through continuous funding, the foundation can develop projects and programs that bring about sustainable changes and ensure long-term solutions for providing people with clean drinking water and sanitation facilities.



  6. Liability: A gGmbH offers more advantages of limited liability than a foundation.



  7. Management: The gGmbH provides more flexibility regarding management and decision-making processes without being restricted by foundation law and the foundation’s articles of association.



  8. Flexibility: The WIR – Water Is Right gGmbH can conduct profit-oriented activities as long as the profits are used exclusively for charitable purposes. Otherwise, the foundation would solely rely on donations and income from the foundation’s assets.

In conclusion, it is therefore advisable to support the Water Is Right Foundation sustainably through the WIR – Water Is Right gGmbH and the associated business case to ensure its long-term impact.

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