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Our partners

Partner companies

What does a partnership look like?

Besides monetary donations, there are plenty of other ways to support the foundation.

Water Is Right is supported by a multitude of wonderful companies that demonstrate genuine commitment to the foundation’s vision and take creative approaches to help. This support is invaluable for the foundation’s efficient work.

Simultaneously, they have a positive impact on employees, stakeholders, and the community. Their generosity and inspiration serve as examples of how corporate engagement can manifest for a better world, enabling us to defend and promote the fundamental human right to clean water.

The foundation relies on strong partnerships and support from various organizations, individuals, as well as companies and institutions to successfully achieve its goals.

Through strategic collaborations with other nonprofit organizations, businesses, government agencies, and educational institutions, the foundation can pool its resources and work together on solutions. These partnerships also facilitate the exchange of experiences and expertise, increase efficiency, and develop innovative approaches to water purification and supply.

Furthermore, support from individuals plays an important role for the Water Is Right foundation. People who support the foundation’s mission can contribute in various ways, such as through donations, volunteering, or sharing information within their networks. Financial support enables the foundation to advance its projects by providing water filters, wells, or sanitary facilities and conducting water safety training.

With the help of partners and supporters, the foundation can expand its influence, help communities in need, and advance the right to clean water for all people worldwide.

Numerous partners and organizations have already been engaged in joint projects, and more are being added steadily. This brings Water Is Right closer to its goals with each step.

Case studies of our partners

Techem GmbH

The company Techem donates 1 euro to the foundation for every cubic meter of water consumed.

CERVO Mountain Resort

The 5-star Cervo Mountain Resort in Switzerland donates one Swiss Franc per liter of table water sold.

SV Sandhausen 1916 e. V.

Deposit donations, such as those made by the football club SV Sandhausen, which encourages its fans to donate the deposit from their cups to the foundation.

Stern Auto GmbH

Germany’s largest Mercedes-Benz dealer, Stern Auto, provides two cars to the Water Is Right Foundation.

Victualien Food Solutions GmbH

The utility company Victualien produces, among other things, packaged, bottled table water. WIR participates with a fair share on each sold product.

opta data Finance GmbH

The IT company Optadata offers its employees the opportunity to donate parts of their overtime compensation to the foundation through its internal employee platform.

WAS Germany

Germany’s largest retailer for kitchen supplies sponsors carafes and glasses for the Water Is Right collection.


The Cofermin Group provides two offices on their premises for Water Is Right.

Would you like to get involved?

We are grateful for every support and every partner by our side who advocates with us for the equitable distribution of water.
Get in touch to learn more about partnership opportunities.