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Water Is Right

For companies

Become an official "WIR Partner"

Join a global movement aimed at making clean drinking water available everywhere. As a WIR partner, you not only enhance your image but also contribute concretely to providing millions of people with access to life-saving water. Show social responsibility and make a real difference in the world with every liter tapped in your company.

The water dispenser that does good.

Imagine a water dispenser that not only provides refreshing water for your company but also offers hope in regions where clean water is a luxury. With every liter you draw from our water dispenser, you provide 10 liters of clean water to people in needy areas. Refresh your team and contribute to making the world a better place at the same time.

Special industry solutions

Gastronomy & hotel industry

Premium water for your guests: sustainable values for your company. Become an industry leader in social responsibility.

Concerts & tour solutions

Put not only hydration but also social commitment in the spotlight. Offer crew and artists an unforgettable experience.

Public institutions

Strengthen your community image through commitment to clean water. Set an example, locally and globally.

Financing your own project

Anchor your commitment deeply. Finance an entire water project and change the lives of an entire community.