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Concerts and tours

WIR Waterbars

A globally unique solution for providing drinking water at concerts, tours, and festivals.

What do Bibi and Tina, Udo Lindenberg, Herbert Grönemeyer, Die Ärzte, and Seeed have in common?
They’ve all been on tour with the mobile WIR water bars. And they were all thrilled.
Artists, crew, and caterers love us for it.

3 advantages for Tours & Events

Environmentally friendly catering

The WIR water bars reduce plastic waste and lower the CO2 footprint by up to 72%. By avoiding the transportation of refrigerators and water bottles, you not only support the environment but also streamline operations at events.

Digital transparency

With the digital tracking of water consumption, organizers gain precise insights into savings on bottles and CO2. A simple connection to the local drinking water supply also ensures seamless integration and user-friendliness.

Social commitment

In addition to providing sustainable water supply for your event, you also contribute socially with the WIR water bars. 10% of the revenue goes directly to Water Is Right, supporting global water projects. Show social responsibility while serving your guests.

Water revolution for events!

Schedule a consultation and discover how our WIR water bars can make your events more sustainable and efficient.

WIR Tour info brochure

Explore the variety of our solutions for sustainable water supply. Whether for concerts, festivals, or other large events – we have the perfect option for you. Get inspired by our brochure and find the ideal solution for your event. View brochure now!