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Rolf Stahlhofen

About Rolf

Rolf Stahlhofen is a renowned musician, UN Ambassador for Sustainability, and founder of the foundation ‘Water Is Right.’ With a successful music career as a founding member of the German band ‘Söhne Mannheims’ as well as a solo artist, Stahlhofen utilizes his artistic talent to draw attention to urgent global challenges and inequitable distributions, inspiring action.

Having grown up in Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and Algeria, his personal experiences with water scarcity shape his dedication to promoting equitable water distribution. As a UN Ambassador (Messenger of Truth), he passionately advocates for sustainability and universal access to clean water.

Stahlhofen’s captivating storytelling and emotional approach have a profound impact. He uses his presence and music to confront audiences with environmental issues and inspire action. Through his foundation, he has supported significant projects in ten countries addressing urgent water-related problems for over twelve years.

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